Prayer for Mental Health


Lord today, 

Many of us are worried and overwhelmed by the obsession with presents and gifts this holiday season. Even when we have more than enough, we still complain. We choose to do something different today Lord.

We pray for our brothers and sisters with Mental Health illnesses. Some of them are homeless and sleeping in the cold and on wet streets in this horrible weather. Their feet  are swollen, cracking and bleeding from frostbite.

Many of them have been pushed out by their families who see them as burdens, others are there due to our social sins, our terrible attitudes, our self righteousness, our evil policies, our insensitivity and greed. Forgive us Lord, and cause us to be more generous with the gifts you have given us.

Cause us to see that our humanity is linked to every other person’s humanity. Convict us of our sin whenever we deliberately close our eyes to such a one. For all of us have no control over our own minds, yet we delude ourselves. Lord “let Your Kingdom Come” – Amen.