Pursuing God’s Presence

Every Christian Must Pursue God’s Presence!Image

God’s presence is not mystical, as we like to portray or think of it. It is tangible. You can sense it, experience it and see it.

God’s presence always ends up in a physical manifestation. Sick people receive their healing. Those bound by addictions are set free. Wandering minds are restored to their peaceful state. Depression is gone. All of these have a physical manifestation. It is highly unlikely that you can be in God’s presence and not feel anything. You cannot connect with God and not know if you are connected.

I strongly believe that for many of us, our physical awareness is much stronger than our spiritual awareness. God knows us, and is constantly reaching out to us.  For Him to communicate with us, He is likely to use something with which we are very familiar – our physical realm – Our bodies, feelings and thoughts.

Access to God is not like a pay phone, sometimes unreachable.  Even though sometimes, we all feel like our prayers are hitting the ceiling and bouncing back, never reaching God. The idea that we have to do certain tricks or rituals to access God is what keeps us from appropriating all the blessings that come with being in God’s presence.

Accessing God’s presence is not at all complicated. God shows up when you truly and genuinely show up. He is omnipresent. That means you can access Him from any place at anytime. You can be on the road, on a train, in school, in a library, in a restaurant, at work, in a barbershop or salon, in a gym, anywhere. There is only one requirement.

  • A Genuine Need For God

God is more interested in your heart than in anything else you do. If your heart can reach God, the rest of your body and your life will follow.

Here are a few strategies:

  1. Open your heart and mind to receive God’s response. You cannot predict or demand how God should show up. Just be open to Him and His ways.
  2. Seek Him. The only way you seek God is by drawing near to Him – Through His Word, Prayer and Fellowship with others that follow Him.  You must have a genuine desire to be in His presence.
  3. Wait on Him. Often, we are too much in a hurry. We give God a timeout. “If He doesn’t show up between these times, I am out.”  Guess what? You are out indeed.
  4. Learn to be quiet and listen. It is strange how many Christians today are afraid of quietness. We are more comfortable with motion, confusion, noise (which sometime we mistake for music), and over-praying. There is a time to pray and a time to listen. Remember that prayer is communication – which means a two-way flow of information.  Meditation is the art of listening to what God is saying. I define over-praying as praying without listening.  By doing this, we miss the essence of prayer.

So next time you plan your prayer time, add to it your listening time. 

James 4:8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…

Acts 17:24-28… so that they should seek the Lordin the hope that they might grasp for Him and find Himthough He is not far from each one of us


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