Prepare For Success

SUCCESS (magazine)

SUCCESS (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Prepare for Success!

It is happening now, whether you believe it or not. Today was yesterday’s future and today will be tomorrow’s past.  Every minute you are breathing makes up the future. It is hard to imagine that life moves so fast, we barely catch up. Life is what you make of it every single day. Right now, you are writing your own history. Right now life is happening. And, it will happen with or without your help.

Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Do you value life? Then waste no time, for that is the stuff of which life is made.” So if you don’t like what you see, change it. You and you alone can make the change. Your life is happening, and it will continue to happen, whether you are actively or passively involved in guiding its direction. So you might as well take charge.

The best way to start changing your life is to change your thinking. Start to believe that a better fuller-life is very possible and within reach. Start by understanding exactly what it is you want. A lot of us flounder through life in trial and error. But, until you know exactly what you want, you will never be happy and fulfilled in life.

Take time to study people who you admire. Those you consider to have succeeded or at least have some semblance on success. There is no point in you trying to do a totally new thing, if you can do what others are doing and get the results they are getting or even more results if you improve on what they are doing.

To guide you, here are a few resources to start with:

No Excuse! The power of Self-discipline

Power of Personal Achievement

The Science of Self-Confidence

How you can start, manage, build or turn around any business


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